cure paralysis
cure paralysis


Muscle is a special tissue that allows our bodies to move. It is under the control of the nervous system, which forms messages to parts of the body. Occasionally the nerve cells, or neurons, that control the muscles become injured. When that occurs, a man loses the capacity to move the muscles any more, and we say that the individual is paralyzed. There are many tips to cure paralysis.

cure paralysis
cure paralysis

Paralysis may be temporary or life-long, depending upon the disease or injury. Since paralysis can influence any muscle in the body. A man may lose the capacity to move as well as the capacity to talk.


There are many reasons for paralysis. Don’t try to analyze the reason yourself. See a specialist to get a proper diagnosis.

cure paralysis
cure paralysis
The main cause of paralysis are:
• sudden defect on one side of the face, with arm defect – a stroke.
• sudden defect on one side of the face, with an earache or face cramp – Bell’s paralysis.
• Temporary paralysis when walking or falling asleep – sleep paralysis.
• Paralysis after a serious accident – extreme head injury or spinal cord damage.


cure paralysis
cure paralysis
Progressive defect on one side of the body – a brain tumor.
• A progressive defect in the legs – inherited spastic paraplegia, Friedreich’s ataxia.
• Paralysis from birth – cerebral paralysis, Spina Bifida or spinal muscular decay.
• A progressive defect in the arms and legs – motor neuron disease, spinal muscular decay.
• Paralysis that begins in the weeks, months or years after a tick wound – Lyme ailment.

• Paralysis that begins many years after a polio contamination – post-polio disorder.


The major symptoms of paralysis are the failure to move part of your body, or not having the capacity to move at all.
The signs and symptoms of paralysis vary at any time. When the spinal cord is smashed, a man loses feeling in the affected limbs. When harm to the muscles or central nervous system it caused a progressive disorder. For example, muscle dystrophy symptoms are continuous and begin with muscle weakness. With poliomyelitis and stroke, paralysis comes on with no warning.
cure paralysis
cure paralysis
Paralysis can influence any part of the body, including:
• the face
• the hands
• one arm or leg (monoplegia)
• one side of the body (hemiplegia)
• the two legs (paraplegia)
• the two arms and legs (tetraplegia or quadriplegia)
The influenced part of your body may be:
• Stiff (spastic paralysis)
• floppy (limp paralysis)


Physical injury, like sports or road accidents—poisoning, blocked veins cause paralysis.
A defect in the brain of the baby during birth can cause cerebral paralysis. In this diseases, various sclerosis breaks the connection between the cerebrum and the muscles. In some cases, the muscle tissue affects each other. Muscular dystrophy, a decay of the muscle tissue increasing weakness.
In Guillain-barre disorder the body’s cells attack the core of the nerve fibers.


Paralysis can highly affect your life. Yet support is needed to help you live as freely as you can. Also, you have the most ideal personal satisfaction. 

Beside poliomyelitis, brain, and spinal cord injuries, it is impractical to prevent paralysis. Most of the time there is no particular treatment. Steroid medications are sometimes given at the injury of spinal cord damage. For individuals with paralysis must use wheelchairs, treatment emphasizes activities. And special care to avoid infection. Major people with Guillain-Barre disorder recover on their own.



cure paralysis
cure paralysis

Anulom Vilom Asana has exceptional positive results in paralysis. Practice it regularly for 1 hour and you will see the best result too. It is the most ideal approach to Cure Paralysis. It can fix paralysis within 3 weeks. Kapalbhati, Ujjayi Pranayama is extremely effective.


Mustard Oil is very powerful in restoring paralysis. Apply Mustard oil on the affected area of the body. Massage slowly to get the best result. You can use Ghee instead of mustard oil to cure paralysis.


Ginger is very helpful in curing paralysis. Take 5 gram of Ground ginger with 10 grams of Urad Dal. Cook it with 50 grams of mustard oil for 10 minutes. Include 2 grams of powdered camphor in it. Now use this oil to massage delicately on the affected area. You will notice the amazing benefits within a couple of days. This oil is helpful in Arthritis.


It is another impressive method to cure paralysis. Take 50-60 grams of black pepper and cook it in 250 ml Mustard Oil. Presently warm this cooked oil and apply it delicately on the affected area. This will give help you in a short period of time.


Garlic is another successful home remedy to cure paralysis. Take 5 to 6 bits of Garlic and grind them. Now add two spoons of nectar in it. Take this mixture daily for two months. Boil 5-6 bits of garlic in the milk and take them on daily. This will control your pulse and cure the affected area.



Range-of-motion activities can help to prevent muscle stiffness and paralyzed limb. Depending on whether the paralyzed limb can move or must be moved by another person. Range-of-motion activities can be done by self or with others help.


Electrical stimulation is beneficial to powerful muscles in the arm. It enhances the scope of movement. During electrical stimulation, little electrical pads are set on the weakened muscles of the arm. A little electrical charge will trigger a shock to the muscles to make them contract while you work to move your arm.
cure paralysis
cure paralysis
Usable gadgets like braces, sticks, walkers, and wheelchairs can increase strength in patients. Your physical specialist will recommend a gadget that best fills your requirements. It’s essential to follow the safety procedures and appropriate use of orthotics. Ensuring the gadget is fitting and learning how to maintain it.
During motor-imagery exercises, you will be asked to think yourself using a part of your body. As you think these body parts moving, a certain part of your brain and muscles may be active. This psychological practice has been appeared to enhance arm development in patients. A research proposes that motor-imagery exercises may be valuable in helping patients walk.


Preventing paralysis is generally not possible. Most of the time there is no particular treatment. Many people with paralysis have an ordinary lifespan. Even when the condition is the consequence of a progressive disease. Being paralyzed requires significant changes to the daily living. Peoples may have the capacity to regain the function they have lost through damage.

Support is one of the most important things that every paralyzed person need. The more time you spend with patients the better results you get. It’s necessary to make you available 24*7 for patients. In most cases, patients forget to do many things like taking the breath, daily exercise etc.  So the caretaker has to remember this activity.



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